mac appstore – Is it possible to set up an Apple ID for a small business that isn’t tied to a phone?

I work in IT for a small business (not enterprise) that has maybe 40 macOS devices. Sometimes when purchasing or downloading a program, we’re required to sign in with an Apple ID. Right now we have a number of Apple IDs created at different times, which are associated with various cellphone numbers and iOS devices. I’d like to create one (or a limited number) of IDs we can use as a company, that will still allow people to access the App Store and any purchases that have been made there even if the person who’s cellphone it is associated with isn’t working that day (or leaves the company etc).

I’ve tried several times to create new accounts without associating it with a phone, but I can’t find a way to create something that doesn’t ping my personal cellphone whenever I do something like sign into the App Store on a new computer while setting up a macbook for someone. It seems crazy to buy a pay-as-you-go cellphone just to receive 2 Factor text messages, or walk up to reception and answer the main company line to get the code every time, but that seems to be where we’re at. Or, I guess, make a new account every time we lose access to the old one, and re-pay for any App Store purchases.