MacBook – Bluetooth device connects and disconnects?

I attach a 3A pixel to my Macbook Pro 2018 model.

I tried to reset the SMC, reset the PRAM, put both devices in safe mode, and reconnect and clear them .plist Files (global and for account), reset bluetoothd, etc.

Whenever I pair the device, it succeeds, but when I click on Connect, it immediately goes off Connected to Not Connected,

I looked in Console to the bluetoothd process and notice that this occurs when the device tries to connect and then goes away Not Connected Status.

default 14:36:09.265542-0800    bluetoothd  ***** (BluetoothHCIEventNotificationMessage) kBluetoothHCIEventDisconnectionComplete
default 14:36:09.265572-0800    bluetoothd     EVENT:  DisconnectionComplete
default 14:36:09.265598-0800    bluetoothd  EVENT: Disconnection Complete: Reason = 19

followed by has no service mask from “ AirPlayXPCHelper“.

I also have reason reason 22.

This post states that the error codes fall into the fall 0x012 – 0x7F Reserved for future use. So I'm not sure what to make of it.

Any suggestions for debugging / fixing this problem? I'm at a standstill right now.