macbook pro – Cannot enable FileVault (options greyed out) on macOS Catalina Clean install

I just did a clean install off off my MacBook Pro by dd’ing the hard drive, and then installing macOS Catalina from a bootable USB. I formatted the internal ssd using apple filesystem and installed successfully. Now, when trying to enable FileVault via System Preferences>Security & Privacy>FileVault>Turn on FileVault, I get a pop up with both the “Set up my iCloud account to reset my password” and “Create a recovery key and do not use my iCloud account” options greyed out. The “Back” and “Continue” buttons are also greyed out. The only button that is not greyed out is the “Cancel” button. So essentially, I can not enable FileVault via the system preferences pane. See screenshot below.

What in the world is happening, and how do I fix this so that I can enable fileVault via the system preferences pane again?

Cannot Enable FileVault from System Preferences macOS Catalina