macbook pro – Two AirDrop Menus, Both Alike In Indignity

Mid-2015 Macbook Pro (OS 11.2.1) is not discoverable to receive AirDrop from an iPhone 7 (OS 14.4). This has always worked, up until the Macbook was updated to BigSur. Since then, restarting the Macbook has fixed the problem, mysteriously allowing the iPhone to find it for AirDrop purposes.

Now, the Macbook has two separate menus for AirDrop availability:

  1. Finder -> AirDrop

enter image description here

  1. Control Center

enter image description here

These are in conflict with respect to AirDrop availability. The setting cannot be changed in Finder -> AirDrop (rather, the change can be made, but it automatically resets to “Allow me to be discovered by: No One” when the window is closed). However, the setting can be changed in Control Center, though it does not actually allow the iPhone to find the Macbook.

I have followed Apple’s recommendation to unselect “Block All Incoming Connections” in: System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Firewall Options

This still does not fix the problem.

Based on all of this, do you have any recommendations for me to allow this Macbook to be discoverable by the iPhone? I can successfully AirDrop from iPhone to another Mac desktop, so I know the issue is not with the phone. That said, I have AirDropped hundreds of files from this phone to this Macbook in the past, but I suspect something from the latest update(s) is getting in the way.

Thanks in advance.