macos – 2020 MacBook Air not loading webpages when connected to WiFi

My friend’s 2020 MacBook Air 13″ (running macOS Big Sur 11.5.2) is connecting to WiFi, and successfully pings via the terminal, but any apps, mac help, and safari cannot access the internet. It was working perfectly fine a few days ago and nothing has changed since then (no new apps, different configurations, etc.) the only thing that seems suspicious is a popup keeps appearing at random intervals saying ‘Your computer is on low memory. To free up some memory, please close a few applications before proceeding’ even though activity monitor says only 3.20/8.00GB is being used. There is also a process running in the background called ‘13101055651070493372’ and was asking for access via a popup to ‘Safari’s documents’ or something like that, I couldn’t read it all before it closed itself and it hasn’t shown up again. My friend isn’t very ‘tech savvy’, if at all and very well could’ve installed something sketchy. They said they haven’t, but you never know.

Thanks In advance,