macos – A software update is required to use this startup disk – does not update

I’m trying to do a clean install of macOS via USB on my MacBook Pro 2019 13″.
I have setup the boot security so that:

  1. It has medium security (I also tried no security) on bootable devices
  2. Allows the Mac to boot from an external drive.

I formatted my USB to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GDUI partition map. The USB with the macOS installer successfully shows on the startup manager. When I try and boot from it, however, I get this message:

enter image description here

I click update and I then get this error after seeing an Apple Logo (yes I was connected to internet):

enter image description here

So in conclusion I cannot boot from this USB.

The USB is of type USB-A that’s connected through a USB-C hub, that could be the problem? Maybe a direct connection from a USB-C usb flash drive is better?
Or the wrong formatting on the USB drive.

That’s the only two I suspect. But then again, why isn’t it updating?