macos – Garage Band won’t open

I’m having trouble opening Garage Band version 4.1.2 on macOS version 10.4.11. It’s only happening on my main partition. If I open using another account it’s fine.

At one point I had installed a Windows partition with wine bottle and/or wine and I got rid of it because it was causing too many problems. Could that be a problem?

I’m also using a Digidesign M Box 2 Pro from 2007 with ProTools 7.4.

The thing is I have the Korg Legacy Analog Collection 2007 and sometimes want to create patches on Garageband which is infinitely easier than opening a session on ProTools. I can only keep using a demo version that locks after thirty days. On my main partition I have the license. How can I make so everyone can use the Korg software. That’s the only thing that bothers me. My Mac is an Intel IMac 17”.

Here’s the crash screen:

enter image description here