macos – How can I make my Windows keyboard shortcuts work on a Mac, exactly how they do on Windows?

I’ve yet to find a guide that is both (a) complete, and (b) compatible with recent macOS releases. I have a Windows keyboard that I’d like to set up on my Mac to work with the same shortcuts. Some things I’ve tried include setting Application Shortcuts, and modifying key actions in the keyboard settings (i.e., setting to take the action ) — these sort of work, but still leave me without several shortcuts.

Shortcuts I’m specifically hoping to get on my Mac:

- ctrl + c : copy
- ctrl + v : paste
- ctrl + x : cut
- ctrl + a : select all
- ctrl + s : save
- ctrl + shift + s : save all
- end : end of line
- home : front of line
- ctrl + end : end of document
- ctrl + home : front of document

I know there are tons more that I’d like, but I assume if I can get the Ctrl, Shift, End, and Home keys working, then the rest of my normal keyboard shortcuts will kind of fall into place from there.

So basically, I’m looking for a way to get my Windows keyboard to act like a Windows keyboard, on a Mac. Is this possible?