macos – How to force a Mac OS Combo update after a newer security update

Yesterday I updated my Macbook Pro 15 "2018 with the latest security update 2020-002 and one of the left USB-C ports doesn't work anymore. Really funny. It always worked well.
Today I wanted to try to apply the 10.14.6 combo update again, but I want to allow it.
I have found that the currently released 10.14.6 combo update will not work if you have used the latest security update 2020-002 because it changes the build number. I hope Apple will make a new 10.14.6 combo update.
But until they do. Does anyone know of a way to cheat or deceive the system so I can reapply the older 10.14.6 combo update now?
There must be a way or file that this build information is in, and it can be changed, like, think, or hope.

I forgot to make a new backup of my computer before using security update 2020-002. Stupid.
This is the only way I can check whether it is the 2020-002 that has damaged my left USB-C connector. The 10.14.6 combo update must be installed again for the 2020-002 to disappear.

Thank you very much