macos – mac os gpt show command shows multiple Master Boot Record partitions in parts (MBR Part 12) on wiped internal hard drive

I ordered a used apple oem ssd hard drive off of the internet to replace my macs fried ssd. I intalled it and booted to internet recovery to do a clean wipe and a vlean install. Upon inspection of the newly installed hard drive, i found a gpt partition entry which contents contains a MBR Part 12 when using the command gpt show /dev/disk1 from the internet recovery terminal command line. The gpt man pages seem to have very limited documentation, and i have never seen the contents of a gpt partitiion listed as a master boot record in parts. Can anyone help me understand exactly why this record is appearing in the gpt show command and what it means exactly? Below are pics of the terminal output for the drive using fdisk, diskutil, and gpt show commands in the internet recovery terminal. Please help explain this?

Diskutil info output for macbook oem ssd
gpt show mbr part 12 and fdisk output