macos – Microphone input volume is always 0, increases are ignored

I am using the HyperX Cloud Headset and expecting microphone volume issues in all applications. The microphone is always too quiet. I tried increasing the microphone volume in Zoom itself, in the systems settings and with sudo osascript -e "set volume input volume 100" but the volume is always adjusted back to 0.

I found some posts which say that skype causes this issue with auto mic volume adjustment may causes this issue but i have no skype client installed.

The only clients which are using my microphone are Zoom, Slack and Chrome.
In Zoom i already deactivated the automatic mic volume adjustment in Slack and Chrome i don’t know about this option.

The headset has a microphone volume adjustment button of its own, but because it’s connected via USB, it has no effect.

Any ideas how i can find out why my input volume is always set to 0 and how to increase it?