MacOs Safari can not delete stored http digest password

How to delete http password for some site?

There is a public site with http digest password and after entering it with success:

  • on linux and on windows and any browser the rule is simple: “password works and is rembembered by browser while browser session is opened”. After closing browser entering site asks for credentials again.
  • But for MacOs safari, site is allways opened without asking for a password.

Not sure if I have checked “remember my password” or not but in any case there should be a way to delete it, and there is no line that mention site name in “safari->preferences->passwords nor safari->preferences->privacy->manageWebsiteData nor inside application KaychainAccess. Turning off safari, killing it in task list “force quit applications”, reseting turnoff-turnon MacBook, clearing all history and cookies also do not work, meaning i am always entering the site without http password login.

macos version is bigsur 11.4, and safari version is 14.1.1