macos – “Setting up iCloud Drive” just spins in the Finder Window?

It freaks me out, iDrive doesn’t want to work (to be specific: it’s since 4 days like this). Here is a photo, click me! –

I already contacted the apple support, they have no damn clue and forwarded it to the apple devs, this may take weeks. I don’t have that time 🙁

We already tried several things (with the support). rebooting, safemode, disconnecting apple ID, reinstalling big sur, and so on. Nothing works, it’s really a problem on apple’s side. I also read a thread on some apple board that is just a couple of months old, where a guy had the same problem, and the Apple Devs had to fix it, he had a Mac Mini M1. I have a MBP Mid 2015.

iCloud Drive does work on the web and on my iPhone, but not with my Mac(book pro), we tried it with different users: no solution.

I am really frustrated, I appreciate every help!