MacOS: Specify a folder as Windows Server / System shared

I’m an irregular Apple user (except for my iPhone) since I only work with Apple PCs & Laptops at work. So here is the issue. When a User with an iMac 2017 running Mac OS Mojave (forgot the exact number) is working on the network share, he/she can use special characters that either don’t exist under Windows or that are not allowed under Windows. For example: *, ?, “, <, >, |
When I tried with an old MacBook Air 2010 (late) running High Sierra (10.13.6) the only character it didn’t like was the :. Plus the characters that I have never seen or used on a Windows PC are the < & > with an extra line underneath.

So since Mac OS supports such characters in the folder path, it would be good to have an option to define a network shared folder from a Windows device as Windows or Microsoft hosted which would disallow any special characters that are either unknown to Windows or not allowed in Windows. I don’t know if an option like this exists in MacOS and I was unable to find something myself except for instructions on how to add a Windows share or network share on the Apple Devices.

To give some more details the share is hosted on a virtual Windows Server 2019 running SMB.

Perhaps there is a way to mark certain special characters as illegal file name characters, too. That would also be an option if it’s available.

Maybe someone here know something or got an idea for this. This is also only a preventive question to avoid issues between both systems.