macos – /usr/bin/find unacceptably slow on Big Sur

Today I tried to run a simple find command in Iterm, and found it to be unusably slow even for simple queries. Here’s the simplest example:

time find . -depth 0

real    0m11.056s
user    0m0.571s
sys 0m5.186s

I get similar results from any directory, and whether using ITerm, Terminal, or VS Code’s integrated terminal. I’m not setting any find or file system options in my .bash_profile or other startup scripts.

What could be slowing it down?

  • Big Sur: 11.2.3
  • Iterm: 3.4.8
  • Terminal: 2.11
  • shell: bash 5.1.4(1)-release via homebrew
  • VS Code: 1.57.1