macos – Workflow for Transferring Data from One App To Another

The purpose of this question is to find out whether there is a way to create a certain kind of program to run on macOS.

Basically, I need a program that can look at data streaming on a screen in an app installed on macOS. I have no access to the data except with my eyes looking at in through this app. I am wondering if there is a way to make a program to save a copy of the data as it streams in (inputs). While that is going on, the program needs to manipulate a block of records of that data, create one output record using rules I can program, then enter the output data into a form within a different app from a different software maker, completely separate from the app streaming the data.

In other words, the program I need will bridge data from one app, process the data, and enter results in another app by putting the data into a form on the screen. The program receiving the data cannot read data from my computer anywhere except through the form on the screen.

A robot could be built to do this, but this would be nuts. The robot would need a camera to see the data on my screen, software for translating what it sees into data files, a processor with software for manipulating the data to determine the output data, and a mechanical arm for moving the mouse to select the other program, and for typing the data through my keyboard into the other program.

Is there a way to program this without using a robot?