Magento 2.2.9 – Catalog product – Multiple Store – only standard content

We recently had to upgrade to Magento 2.2.9.
It is a multilingual business with DE and EN content. (Store View)

Product descriptions in


DE is in the DE store and EN is in the EN store.

We use the default value for EN, then turn on the STORE VIEW on top of DE, deselect the default CONTENT button in the DE Store, and enter the DE description into the content.

However, with version 2.2.9, the text box remains gray when the DEFAULT button for CONTENT is disabled.
We can enter and save text there. After the update, however, the DE text is no longer available and the button is back in DEFAULT.

The DESCRIPTION text box should turn black if the default check box is cleared. But it stays gray.

What's wrong with you?

Thanks for your help.