magento2.3.3 – What needs updating in existing CE for RabbitMQ to work?

I have a few installations that have been updated slowly to 2.3.3 without RabbitMQ. Now I've added Rabbit, but I'm not sure I've made any necessary changes.

The queue config is added in etc/env.php and I see that Magento connects to Rabbit (Topcis created).

I edited all these files in the file system:

  • queue_consumer.xml
  • queue.xml
  • queue_publisher.xml
  • queue_topology.xml
  • communication.xml

to use amqp Instead of magento-db, Then the site is refreshed and redeployed.

I see some news, but less than expected. For example, I can not see any messages when an order is created.

Did I forgot something? Should I change something else or is that correct?