magento2.3.5 p2 – Fotorama Gallery JS Errors With Magepack JS Bundling Enabled

We are using Magepack on a Magento v2.3.5-p2 website for JS bundling. See below:

If we enable magepack JS bundling using the Luma or Blank theme it works fine without issue. However when we enable this using the clients implementation of porto theme it breaks the fotorama image gallery on the product pages. See error message that appears in the JS console below:

Uncaught TypeError: settings.$elementF.fotorama is not a function

When magepack JS bundling is disabled the image gallery works fine. It also works fine if the core Magento JS bundling is enabled. The issue is isolated to when magepack is enabled as far as we can tell.

Does anyone have any experience of this same issue when using Magepack JS bundling?
Does anyone know how to debug issues like this?
Is it something simple thing that we are missing like reordering the files in the magepack.config.js file?