magento2.3 – How to sort full_name_english in magento 2 country directory.?

I need some help in the module Magento directory. Actually I am able to sort id,two_letter_abbreviation & three_letter_abbreviation by setOrder to the collection which is defined in the helper class which is calling from the model.

i.e below is a function in the model class

 public function getCountriesInfo()
        $countriesInfo = ();

        /** @var MagentoStoreModelStore $store */
        $store = $this->storeManager->getStore();

        $storeLocale = $this->scopeConfig->getValue(

        $countries = $this->directoryHelper->getCountryCollection($store);
        $regions = $this->directoryHelper->getRegionData();
        foreach ($countries as $data) {
            $countryInfo = $this->setCountryInfo($data, $regions, $storeLocale);
            $countriesInfo() = $countryInfo;

        return $countriesInfo;

Below is a function define in helper class.

public function getCountryCollection($store = null)
    if (!$this->_countryCollection->isLoaded()) {
    return $this->_countryCollection;

I the above, i can sort by setOrder like $this->_countryCollection->setOrder(‘country_id,’ASC’)

or by iso2_code & iso3_code. these three are the column of directory country table

My question is that how to sort full_name_english? please help me out. After that, I will override the file.

            "id": "AD",
            "two_letter_abbreviation": "AD",
            "three_letter_abbreviation": "AND",
            "full_name_locale": "Andorra",
            "full_name_english": "Andorra"
            "id": "AE",
            "two_letter_abbreviation": "AE",
            "three_letter_abbreviation": "ARE",
            "full_name_locale": "United Arab Emirates",
            "full_name_english": "United Arab Emirates"
            "id": "AF",
            "two_letter_abbreviation": "AF",
            "three_letter_abbreviation": "AFG",
            "full_name_locale": "Afghanistan",
            "full_name_english": "Afghanistan"
            "id": "AG",
            "two_letter_abbreviation": "AG",
            "three_letter_abbreviation": "ATG",
            "full_name_locale": "Antigua & Barbuda",
            "full_name_english": "Antigua & Barbuda"

Update 1:
Still did not get any solution

Update 2:
I will update the answer to this once I have done with that.