magento2.4.1 – Need to update simple product using automatic script from admin

We need to show simple products of particular configurable products. No need to show all simple products of particular configurable products. we need to build the following functionality in magneto 2.4.1

If the configurable product is a combination of size and color options. (3 colors + 3 size). So there is a total (9 Simple products) with a combination of color and size and (1 configurable product).

  1. Need to change those simple product visibility that we need to show on the category page. we just need to show some simple products from that 9 simple products only.

  2. Needs to change product name of simple products. simple product name contains color name and size. so we need to show product name with color. 

  3. Needs to mark hover image for those simple products which we want to show on the category page.

  4. Need to hide that particular configurable product. 

  5. Also needs to check if that simple product (which we visible on the category page) is out of stock then needs to move on to the next simple product.

  6. We need to update all existing products which we have already.  we need to update those with the same behavior which we have discussed above.

  7. Also we need to apply this for new products also.

Magento version : 2.4.1

Please suggest any solution for above functionality.

Thank You