magento2.4.2 – Layered Navigation extension for an electronic gadget shop

I am trying to find an extension or other solution for frontend Layered Navigation for an electronic gadget shop (Magento 2.4.2).


-displaying on storefront a specific filter set for a specific category (f.e. mobile phones require RAM size, screen size filtering attributes, unlike drills that require another set of filters);

-filters must be dependent on each other. Let’s say if I choose a specific brand from the “Brand” filter, then non-relevant options in other filters (f.e. mentioned earlier RAM size and filter size) become hidden (or not active);

-filter options need to be dynamically populated (based on searchable attributes of products). F.e. brands’ names in the “Brand” filter of a CERTAIN CATEGORY are collected from In Stock products of its category (products’ “brand” attribute). The filter is populated with collected values. Then when some brands are Out of Stock, these brands are absent (or not active) in filter options.

Or maybe there are exists other approaches for these tasks.

I need a solution that meets described above requirements.

I will be appreciated any help or tip.

Thank you in advance.