magento2 – Add a new field in form : BlackBird – ContentManager

In the _prepareForm() method of BlackbirdContentManagerBlockAdminhtmlContentEditTabForm

I’ve been adding a new field

    // Position of the current content
    $fieldset->addField('position', 'text', (
        'name' => 'position',
        'label' => __('Position'),
        'title' => __('Position'),
        'required' => true

The field properly shows up in the admin form

He is also properly sent in the saving constructor.

Meanings if I’m checking this in BlackbirdContentManagerControllerAdminhtmlContentSave


Then I got the value from the form, all good.

But If I let the saving process go to the end. The object is saved, bhut it looks like this new field remains empty and can’t be found in the database.

What am I missing here ?