magento2 – Adding UPC Attribute to Product Page

I am trying to figure how to add an attribute (UPC) to display just under the SKU on the my product page. I have tried in the past with no such luck. I really need this to work. I have found several different post for this to work and of them worked. The closet one I have found was from this link:

Display Custom Attribute Multiplace Place on Products Details Page Magento 2

Problem I am having is the UPC Code from the attribute does display in the right place, however the Label (UPC:) does not show, only the UPC #. I used the same code below:

You can display custom attributes by creating block after the sku block in catalog_product_view

Create catalog_product_view.xml in “appdesignfrontendVENDORTHEMEMagento_Cataloglayoutcatalog_product_view.xml”

Create custom_attr.phtml file in “appdesignfrontendVENDORTHEMEMagento_Catalogtemplatesproductviewcustom_attr.phtml”
getProduct(); ?>

getData(‘upc_code’) ?>