magento2 admin page 404 error

I am Patrick and a super beginner. my Magento2 admin page shows a 404 error(whoops, our bad…).

windows 10, xampp 3.2.4, php 7.3.27, magento 2.4.2., phpmyadmin.

and I changed apache port 80 to 8888, 443 to 8889. I put localhost:8888 of course.

I installed it with the sample successfully.

and I put ‘/pub/’ in my domain using my DB table core_config_data(web/unsecure/base_url). Before I did

it, every page was a 404 error. Thanks to ‘/pub/’, I could have saved a first sample page. Only the first page.(localhost:8888/mymagentoname/pub/ – It shows the first page well.)

But when I try to enter the admin page or others (ex. gear – bag) show me a 404 error.

domain/Index.php also makes a 404 error.

that lists are what I’ve done to resolve the 404 error,

  1. Cache clean and flush(cmd)
  2. Reindex(cmd)
  3. deploy -f(cmd)
  4. Check admin URL again(env.php)
  5. AllowOverride All(httpd.conf)

Whatever you comment, it would be helping me.
Thank you.