Magento2: Explanation requested for default behavior product weight notation

Could anyone explain me the default behavior of the product weight attribute with special regards to dot or comma notation?

I just debugged an issue in which a shipment module (myParcelNL) uses getWeight & getQuantiy on a product and multiplies them with eachother. One of the products had a type string weight of 1,135 and was using the comma notation, thus giving a non well numeric value error. Replacing the values with a dot notation on the product config page in the backend solved the error.

I however went to back to check on the product in the backend. I noticed the following (magento 2.3.5)
When I enter a value with a comma, example 1,5, it persists in the database with 1,5, but the input field changes to 1. However the product page shows 1,5.
When I enter a value with a dot value, everything works as expected. (1.5 is shown everywhere correctly and solves the bug mentioned above)

Is there no default validation to prevent comma notation? Or a function that changes it? What is the default behaviour regarding this? Or should clients just simply be informed to always use the dot notation? (seems a bit risky).

Thanks in advance