magento2 – Get all the product attributes on the product detail page magento 2

I'm trying to capture product attributes on the product detail page. We've disabled the default attributes through XML and are trying to load them from a custom HTML template file.

I can load certain data points like weight with the following:

$ _product = $ block-> getProduct ();
echo $ _product-> getData (& # 39; weight & # 39;);

However, I would like to dynamically do this through the information loaded on the product page and go through it, including the default attribute set and the custom attributes. This information must be available as it is a product detail page.

I have tried

$ attributes = $ _product-> getAttributes ();
$ customAttributes = $ _product-> getCustomAttributes ();

but not everything is shown ..

Can someone show me the right direction? The Magento documentation is terrible and so many examples I found. How come Magento can not be as easy as:

$ _product = $ block-> getProduct ();
$ attributes = $ _product-> getAttributes ();
foreach ($ attributes as $ attribute) {
echo $ attribute-> getLabel ();
echo $ attribute-> getValue ();

Can someone help? Many Thanks