magento2 – How to remove unused js from home page in Magento 2

There are so many js files not used on home page in Magento 2. So, I want to remove it from home page. But, it’s not remove still loading on home page.

Non used js example :

  1. jquery/ui-modules/datepicker.js
  2. jquery/ui-modules/timepicker.js
  3. moment.js
  4. jquery/ui-modules/sortable.js
  5. jquery/spectrum/spectrum.js
  6. mage/calendar.js
  7. Magento_Ui::js/lib/knockout/bindings/resizable.js
  8. Magento_Ui::js/lib/knockout/bindings/resizable.js

How can I remove this?

Can anyone please help me?