magento2 – Magento 2.3.2 – Admin product price – use 3 decimals / stop rounding too 2 decimals

Issue: Rounding product price issues when using prices excluding tax


Product price including tax should be 3.95, we use 21% tax rate.

Product price excluding tax on product is entered as 3.265 which is automatically converted to 3.27 by Magento admin. 3.27 * 1.21 = 3.9567 which is rounded to 3.96 by Magento. But we need the price to be 3.95 on the frontend.

Is there a way to have for example 3 digits on the admin product price?

Tried this but nothing happens / or is changed

Magento2 – admin price input’s are rounding value to 2 decimals