magento2 – Magento 2.4 add multiple Custom Links to Main Navigation via Plugin

I managed to add Custom Link1 to a CMS page to the main catalog navigation following the steps from the below link. There it explains how to add one custom link but I need to add two links and I don’t know how to get it working so it shows both links.
Magento 2 How to add Home link in navigation bar!
Here is part of my Topmenu.php. Can anyone please help? Thanks

     * Build node
     * @throws NoSuchEntityException
    protected function getNodeAsArray()
        return (
            'name' => __('Custom Link1'),
            'id' => 'custom-link1',
            'url' => 'custom-link1',
            'has_active' => true,
            'is_active' => true
            'name' => __('Custom Link2'),
            'id' => 'custom-link2',
            'url' => 'custom-link2',
            'has_active' => true,
            'is_active' => true