magento2 – Magento 2 Scheduled Mass Update of Product Attributes based on Filters/Rules

It has always boggled me. We can target products using filter/rules conditions for coupon discounts, we can target products using filter/rules conditions for price rules using a schedule..

But we can’t target products using filter/rules conditions to set and update attributes, to automate store membership and more. There is a mass update method but it is limited and slow, and the action cannot be scheduled.

On the other side we have all these php scripts that do stuff at night, update attributes, set values, change store membership etc. Let’s get rid of that.

Question: Does code or an extension exist where an admin can?

  • target products using filter/rules conditions
  • execute an action on these products (set an attribute, remove value, regex search/replace, set store membership)
  • schedule this action daily/weekly/monthly
  • have an option to email the admin? maybe even attach the results?

The business goals are enormous, to name a few:

  • set store membership based on attributes so this is not forgotten during imports and automated (all shirts in the shirt shop, all shoes in the shoe shop etc)
  • set a discount flag using a multiselect based on some selection, or unset the flag
  • assign products to categories (although I believe this should be done using dynamic categories directly in the category setup and this should be a core function)
  • search/replace values or incorrect html
  • try to identify products with erronous or empty values, or without an image, i.e. situations that should not exist: and schedule an email to the product team with the list of SKU’s?
  • and I can go on and on an