magento2 – One repository for multiple composer.json file

I want to use a main repository and to have a module that I will require through composer.

Since I’m playing some integration tests and processing some pipelines such as phpmd checks, for the main repository of the module I need all environment files like this :

├── app
│   └── code
│       └── *.php
│       └── composer.json // `name/module`
|- phpmd.xml
|- dev/tests/integration
│- composer.json  //`name/project`

When I’m using this module as a package, I would like to do something like composer require name/module only because I need whats in app/code when requiring the module (this is what composes the module)

Magento is doing something like that here but I can’t achieve to do the same thing :

Is it possible to achieve such thing with composer? If its possible, how can I do that?

Thanks you!