magento2 – shipping price and grand total excluding VAT. confusion

Our calculation for shipping, taxes and total (excluding taxes) is incorrect. We have set the shipping and handling fees to include the taxes in the settings. Shipping will still be added to the total amount (excluding taxes).

See the example below (here VAT is 24%).

Subtotal                €141.05
Shipping & Handling     €7.90
Grand Total (Excl.Tax)  €148.95     (141.05+7.90 = 148.95)
Total Tax               €33.85      (141.05*0.24 = 33.85)
Grand Total (Incl.Tax)  €182.80

As you can see, shipping is added to the total without taxes, but the total tax is only calculated from the subtotal. We want the total (without tax) + total + shipping = total (tax included) to be clearly displayed. How should we handle this?

Magento 2.3.2