magento2 – Wysiwyg widget escaping character

I’ve created a widget with a wysiwyg inside it (with the class from this module DmatthewWidgetParametersBlockAdminhtmlWidgetTypeWysiwyg)


When I’m adding my content, with the strong, underline or other html tag, it’s working fine.

But if I change the color (it’s adding a span) with style=”color:blue”, the quote from the style is cutting my content.

Is there a way to prevent it ?

    public function prepareElementHtml(MagentoFrameworkDataFormElementAbstractElement $element)
    $editor = $this->factoryElement->create('editor', ('data' => $element->getData()))
                'add_variables' => false,
                'add_widgets' => false,
                'add_images' => false

    if ($element->getRequired()) {

        'after_element_html', $this->_getAfterElementHtml() . $editor->getElementHtml()
    $element->setValue(''); // Hides the additional label that gets added.

    return $element;