Make realiable 50$+ a day of INSTANT CASH | Proxies-free

Hello TotalBlackhat Members I just registered here and decided to give away this method for you guys. First, this forum thought me a lot, because I was reading it for half a year and because I started with another project now. For almost half a year since I found this forum I was using exactly this method.

This method is still earning me some cash, but when I was fully working on it, it was making me more than 50$ a day. Besides in half a year I have sold G+ and facebook likes and youtube subscribers for more than 2,000$ and have built a few Facebook pages and Youtube channels with a lot of followers.

On this guide you will basically need to post to facebook groups various pages of your website. Your website should have adsense or PPV and clickjacker added on it.

1. Get a domain and setup a website.

Get a c.o.m domain, because it works best. It looks more trustful so more people click on it.

Name it something news related. For example: TrendingNewsToday[d]c.o.m or NewsTrends[d]c.o.m

Setup a website

Get some good hosting and install a wordpress to your website.

There are a lot of free themes for wordpress, so install any good looking. For example wordpress [d] o.r.g/themes/mesocolumn/

Add adsense or any other CPC or PPV network to your website. Add a lot of ads on there.

Also don’t forget to add plugins like “Facebook Open Graph, Google+ and Twitter Card Tags” and “Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share” to your website.

For clickjacking, I use megajacker, which can generate me youtube subscribers, facebook likes and google pluses to multiple pages almost at once. This is the way how I get likes to sell.

2. Add content

Then add interesting content with eye catching headlines. You can use plugins like “RSS Post Importer” to import it automatically from another websites.

Here are few viral content ideas:
or simply reddit[d]c.o.m or youtube videos!

You can simply copy paste the content or at least few of it with the source link. I have rss feeds automatically posting content from other sites and adsense is fine with it.

3. Rollin traffic!

For this method I generated traffic using fb groups method. At the beginning I simply have created a new facebook account for this and joined a lot of various groups. I have posted from 20 to 50 posts a day to various groups which was simply links to various pages of my website, with comments, like “I can’t bellieve this…”, “lol, have you seen this?”.

So all you need to do is to prepare a your fb acc. Join no more than 40 groups a day. When you will be approved to 20 or more of it, start posting .Post slowly, to not get your domain banned. If there’s a way, get massplanner or any other auto.mation soft. It will post for you and it will be safer because you will be able to set timeout before each post.

To scale it up, use auto.mation tool, get some proxies and more fb accounts. Post to your facebook wall on each account too, as it gives better group posting success ratio.

4. Scale it up!

That’s it! Now you start getting adsense clicks and clickjacker likes rolling in. You can make fast cash by selling targeted youtube subscribers or google pluses as it works good with megajacker. I use facebook like popup with it, so each time people visits my websites they get popup asking them to like official page. When they close the popup, clickjacker is being triggered. Use fiver or any other freelance website to offer likes.

To earn more you need more traffic, so scale it up by buying more accounts, joining more groups and posting.

Also note that your comments on your posts and headlines with images you will posts will play big role here. I’d suggest you to make at least few pages on your website with really catchy headlines and featured images witch appears on facebook.

Make comments unique for each post on facebook so posts would look more real. This way you will get more clicks and your facebook account less likely will be banned.

And after all, test your campaigns. Test which groups works best, which post comments works best and which pages works best, bringing most traffic and adsense earnings.

I started making more than 50$ a day after more than 2 months working on it. At the beginning most of my earnings was through likes and subscribers sales. After few months later I decided to make it as much auto, as possible so I stopped selling likes and created few pages for myself to build likes on. Now I am monetizing my pages and have decided to stop working with my posting campaigns and to give away my method to this community. If you will have any questions, feel free to ask! Good luck with your earnings!

DISCLAIMER: I am not guarantee you will earn successfully, as it depends on how hard you will work and how much quality will have your website and posts. It depends on how you will make it work. Also as you understand I am not responsible for your facebook accounts or any content you will post on your website.