Make Windows 10 Quick Access use two rows

I am running Windows 10. I recently reformatted and reinstalled my OS. I can’t recreate the Quick Access toolbar that I had previously. Specifically, I can’t get the Quick Access toolbar to use both rows of the taskbar. See photo below of the old setup and the new setup.

old Quick Access ↓
old Quick Access

new Quick Access ↓
new Quick Access

I’ve counted the pixels and they are the same. And I’m 99% sure I am using the same Display Settings (native 2560 x 1440; 100% scale). I remember struggling to get the Quick Access to use both rows previously, but I can’t remember the solution. I’ve tried turning off “Use small taskbar buttons” in the Taskbar settings, and this results in two rows, but the rows, buttons, and taskbar are much bigger with those settings (and don’t match my “old Quick Access” photos above). Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.