malware – How to totally remove a virus with adb tools?

How can I delete a virus with ADB tools if when trying to uninstall it it says “Failure: package is non-disable”, I tried to uninstall the virus with the mobile version of avast and with malwarebytes but malwarebytes does not detect it and avast only It does not delete it since it says “solve”, and when I press it it takes me to the virus (which by the way is installed in the system apparently), and it does not let me do anything because it tells me “uninstall” and “delete” but no let me do it. So I got on my computer and tried to uninstall it with ADBtools but it won’t let me because it tells me “Failure: package is non-disable” when I put “pm uninstall -k –user 0 co.sitic.pp”, the virus according to avast is called “sysDll” and its package installation source is “co.sitic.pp” and the apk base is /product/priv-app/SYSdll/SYSdll.apk and the Data is in / data / user /0/co.sitic.pp, I really don’t know how to uninstall it if avast mobile won’t let me and ADB doesn’t do anything