malware – What to do after opening a potentially malicious link on smartphone?

What must one do if they opened a malicious link?

Warning: Please do not open the links below as they may be malicious. They have been deliberately mangled to prevent accidental opening

I received an SMS from an Australia mobile number
“Hello We have your package in queue: https(:)//stone-static(.)rootedlabs(.)com/a.php?ipmh9o3”
I got the same message from another number and it read:
“Hello. We have your package in queue: https(:)//eliquidhut(.)com/p.php?304ybfegx”

These links redirected me to the same website which is the official steam website ( It sometimes redirected me to the steam official website then sometimes to Huawei official website and sometimes to University of Michigan official website.

I have moderately sensitive information stored on my devices such as bank passwords and emails.
What steps should I take to ensure my device is not compromised?