Many blogs are rubbish because adsense!

Anybody watch TV, go to a bookstore, or check out magazines. Most media content is garbage. And guess what? The TV shows get canceled, the books are remaindered and the mags go out of business.

One of the things I have to do as a publisher of websites is periodically, go through links on pages and see if they are still valid, many times, the link is dead. So guess what – websites disappear, too.

The old garbage blogs and websites will disappear, due to lack of funds or owner interest. And in the meantime new garbage blogs and sites will replace them. It is an old media story.

I once owned a newspaper, and at one time, had 6 competitors, 5 of which were garbage. When I sold the paper, five of those competitors had disappeared.

The moral is: All you can do is put out the best product you can… and not worry about what other garbage sites are doing.

PS. My newspaper had plenty of ads, my sites have plenty of ads, but it was always and still is the editorial side that has the last word…