material design – Right and left representing good and bad

I’ve been playing around with material design and was making an app where the user can interact with an element by either swiping it right or left (pressing it does a third thing). The idea is that swiping it to one side is the user giving feedback that this is “bad” and swiping to the other side is feedback that it is “good”.

Now I have been looking around for which direction is usually good and which one is bad. I found many different opinions. First there is the well known Tinder way (“good” right, “bad” left), but the android email app that comes with the phone you swipe the other way (deleting to the right, moving to the left).

On the other side, to me (haven’t done any user testing or anything, so maybe this is just me) it feels much easier to swipe right. I this sense then the right option should be the one that I expect the user to do most often or that I want him to employ most often.

Any more “scientific” ways to decide this?

What I am talking about