matlab – EMG data processing in Simulink – filter design

I'm just trying to use Simulink to smoothen EMG data. I've been able to do this pretty well in MATLAB functions, but translating into Simulink has proven very difficult, but it's necessary if I want to process the EMG data in real time!

My current thought is that I'm not designing my Butterworth filter to exactly mimic my .mat file version and hoping someone with an analog filter design experience could validate me.

n = 4;
Wn = 5/10240
[b,a]= Butter (n, Wn, "low");
filt_data = filter (b, a, filt_data);

To translate this into an analog filter design block, I have …
Analog Filter Block -> Lowpass, Butterworth, n = 4, Passband = (5/10240) / (2 * pi)

Thanks for any advice!