Matlab. This code allows you to anchor text to a point in the video. How to do the same, but attach not text, but a picture?

I want to overlay an image on my video. Or rather, not just overlay, but attach a small image to some point on the video so that it moves along with the movement of the video.
I have a code that allows you to bind text to some point in the video, but I need to bind an image. I know how to open an image, how to scale it, but I don’t know how to insert it into a video.

%% Track a Face in Scene
clc; clear all; close all;
% Create System objects for reading and displaying video and for drawing a bounding box of the object.
videoFileReader = vision.VideoFileReader(file,’AudioOutputPort’,true);
videoPlayer = vision.VideoPlayer(‘Position’,(100,100,680,520));

%% Откроем аудио из видеофайла
(input_file, Fs) = audioread(file);
audiowrite('audio.wav', input_file, Fs);
% Read the first video frame, which contains the object, define the region.
objectFrame = step(videoFileReader);
%objectRegion = (300,200,93,93);
% As an alternative, you can use the following commands to select the object region using a mouse. The object must occupy the majority of the region. 
figure; imshow(objectFrame);
% Show initial frame with a red bounding box.
objectImage = insertShape(objectFrame,'Rectangle',objectRegion,'Color','red'); 

title('Red box shows object region');
% Detect interest points in the object region.
points = detectMinEigenFeatures(rgb2gray(objectFrame),'ROI',objectRegion);
% Display the detected points.
pointImage = insertMarker(objectFrame,points.Location,'+','Color','white');
D=(+270 -30);
%title('Detected interest points');
% Create a tracker object.
tracker = vision.PointTracker('MaxBidirectionalError',1);
% Initialize the tracker.
v = VideoWriter('Like a bos.mp4');
% Read, track, display points, and results in each video frame.
while ~isDone(videoFileReader)
      frame = step(videoFileReader);
      (points, validity) = step(tracker,frame);
      out = insertText(frame,points(1,:)+D,'Like a bos','FontSize',38,'TextColor', 'black',...
% Release the video reader and player.

Specifically, I need to somehow replace the text:

out = insertText(frame,points(1,:)+D,’Like a bos’,’FontSize’,38,’TextColor’, ‘black’,…

on the image insertion line.