MD5.3 introduces the new Drop-ins Manager (beta) | Forum Promotion

Hi everybody, I’m the lead developer of the Marketers Delight WordPress theme and today we’ve reached a major milestone in this product’s history.

First, a little background: MD started as a product focused on providing marketing and writing tools for bloggers and over the years has solidified into a unique and battle-tested framework for developing websites on top of WordPress.

Today, after years of moves leading up to this we’ve unveiled the new Drop-ins Library which essentially acts as an “addons” system that can extend the core features of Marketers Delight. With the new system introduced in MD version 5.3, you can now download Drop-ins from our growing library and simply drop them into your site with the new admin screen:


Drop-ins act similarly to Plugins but are all built with MD’s tight-knit API that makes extending WordPress easy and more controlled, rather than leaving these extensions upto random Plugin developers and all the problems that come from that.

To give you an idea of what can be done, we’ve unveiled the brand new Drop-ins Library which shows you what Drop-ins are currently available, and have huge plans to keep growing this library as MD5.3 finishes its beta testing.

I wanted to share this news with you as my first entry to Forum Promotion as its been such a massive goal for me to achieve personally, and because I truly believe MD is the kind of product that can make WordPress—a notoriously brutal software to use—finally make sense to anybody.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have some good news about our current beta testing period as our first customers start to get their hands on MD5.3 beta. :]

Read the announcement post to learn more