Scam – Personal Experince and Proof

First I read this warning o different blogs and forums and now my personal experience and I confirm that is scam.

When you are about to cash out they will send you email for low quality traffic 48-72 hours before payment and may be sometime 4-5 days. And they will suspend your account few hours or a day before payment.

Note: Sometime they issue first payment and suspend your account before second payments, this is the case with me and with many other users

You know what’s so funny ?
They email me to improve traffic quality 48 hours before my payment time and asked me to improve traffic otherwise we will suspend account. well my all traffic is from search engine and quality traffic.

So I informed my account manager and team that I removed all ads right now, so you are not effecting from my traffic so issue my payment, I will use ads again after payment with more good traffic.

LOL, now no traffic from my website and they suspend account with reason that they still receing low quality traffic