Member Appreciation Week – Day 3 Newbie Give 2 Get 2 | Forum Promotion

Members who have been on FP for less than a year, or members who have a forum/blog that is less than a year old are eligible to participate in this Give 2 Get 2. Blogs that participate must have two blog posts. Forums that participate must have at least 100 posts and no more than 2,000 posts.

How does it work?
Members who qualify to participate (see above) will make 2 posts of good quality anywhere except the Site Information or Promotion sections of FP. After they make the 2 posts, they need to post in this thread with links to their 2 posts as well as the link to one forum or blog they wish to receive the posts/comments on, then 2 posts/comments will be made on their site by a staffer.

How long do members have to post?
Members have until the end of Member Appreciation Week at midnight to complete their 2 posts and add it to this thread.

When will posts/comments be made on my site?
Staff will complete their side of this exchange within 3 weeks time.‚Äč