Memory – What's the best way to save over 400GB of digital photos?

My mother has over 400GB of photos on a rapidly dying IMac 2011. We get her a new computer, but I hope to set up a system where she can safely store all of these files in an easily accessible format. Currently her photos are scattered in files and applications on her computer, for example in iPhoto and the new photos. It also has about 200GB of photos on an external hard drive.

My parents do not want to just save the photos on the computer because they are afraid of losing the computer and not having a backup. My idea was to connect them to a google drive that syncs the computer in the background. How do other photographers solve this problem?


  • I need an easy way to save and backup over 400 GB of photos
  • How can I move more than 400 GB of photos from an old dying computer to a new one?