Messy workshop/ideation sessions – User Experience Stack Exchange

I’m pretty new to planning and facilitating ideation sessions. I just ran one a couple of weeks ago that was only the second ideation session I ran. It was imperfect, to say the least. We only had time for one crazy 8’s exercise, so no time for a second sketch session to elaborate or further generate ideas. We didn’t get through the card sort and voting to the team’s satisfaction, so we had to continue that in an additional session. But the team is still not satisfied with the decision-making.

An additional challenge I now have is that we had a previous session end without a decision, as well, so now I’m tasked with coming up with a way to wrap this all up and have ideas from both sessions to start wireframing. But we still need to decide what those ideas will be.

My team is frustrated and fatigued, so I want to keep it super simple. I’m wondering what advice anyone might have to keep it simple and help us move forward.

My team also has a very difficult time making decisions and prioritizing. There is often a lot of disagreement about what’s important to focus on and some people, in particular, feel very hurt when they ideas are left out, even in the short term.