Micronaut spock test issues with embedded artemis mq

I’m trying to use Micronaut-jms to integrate Artemis MQ into my application.
Everything worked perfectly until I started writing unit tests.

The issue I’m facing is that since my test’s are annotated with @MicronautTest, when I run a test, the whole application boots up.
All would be fine, except the application will look for Artemis, and as it is embedded and has not started yet, the application will throw an error and the test will fail.

Here is a demo application: https://gitlab.com/MoxLong/micronaut-artemis-demo

How can I ensure, that the embedded ArtemisMQ is available for the application?

The test itself:

class DemoControllerSpec extends Specification {

ActiveMQServer server

void setup() {
    Configuration config = new ConfigurationImpl()
    config.addAcceptorConfiguration("in-vm", "vm://0")
    //config.addAcceptorConfiguration("tcp", "tcp://")
    server = new ActiveMQServerImpl(config)


void 'is server active'() {