microsoft office 365 – Outlook Desktop search contacts To/Cc/Ccn fields during typing

Our company migrate from KerioConnect to Office 365 to better manage
the emails. Lots of people in the company have the same problem, can’t
search for contacts when creating a new email and typing in the “To”
field (Click on the “To” button correctly open the address book and
the contacts are shown). I have 10 contacts in my personal folder,
before the migration when I type the name of the person in the “To”
field a list with contacts appear, after the migration this doesn’t
happend. Typing the name in the box appear only the email that I have
alredy write to, but not the email saved in contacts.

This seems to be a problem only for some office installation. Here is
a list of the clients:

enter image description here

Do you have any idea on how to solve that?