Mini Bluetooth pocket printer Dropshipping site


Any sales? Why are you selling the website?
Yup, got 13 sales in total, most of them came without any promotion in the past 18 months while the website was just sitting there.

I’m selling it because I’m not doing dropshipping anymore (I’m now selling products locally in my country). I put a lot of effort into this site and it looks really nice in my opinion. I’m not going to extend the domain after it expires, but I also don’t want this website to go for a waste, cause I think it is still very possible to make sales with this product to this day.

I’m willing to let this website go for as low as $80, which is AliDropship plugin license cost alone, and you can change to any other domain and product in the future with the same license so you basically buy a license here and the website is just a free bonus for you. :)

How is it monetized?

It’s a dropshipping store, made with WordPress platform. As I said, the site uses paid plugin (lifetime license costs 89$), which makes the whole dropshipping process easy because you can import products from aliexpress with just a few clicks including photos, options, descriptions and etc. It also synchronizes stock and options with aliexpress automatically, has an automatic order fulfillment option, emailing, and so on. You can contact alidropship support and change the license to another domain in the future if needed with no trouble at all.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Yup, there’s facebook and Instagram accounts. I remeber I legally brought 1,350 likes on facebook page, by using “Page likes” campaign on ad manager, and targeting worldwide. these likes costed me around $10, and they won’t generate sales. These are only for social proof so it looks like a reputable store already, and the page gained 150+ more page likes while it was sitting and doing nothing. :) Check it out here:

How much time does this site take to run?

Takes nothing if you don’t get sales and just let it sit, and it can take hours if you’re willing to do the right marketing and actually advertise it.

What challenges are there with running this site?

Not much. In my beliefs, it just needs some good marketing to blow up.

What are all the expenses necessary to keep the store running?

Compared to Shopify there’s not much, because you don’t need to pay $30 monthly. This is WordPress platform and AlidropShip plugin license is already there for a lifetime. You only need to pay $5/year for a domain, and get a hosting. You can find some cheap hosting plans for as low as $4 / month and they will do fine for a start.

Would you help with a transfer?

Yes, I can take a full care of domain and website transfer to your hosting in case you are not that experienced.

What is included in the sale?

  • Complete store with a lifetime AliDropship license and all it’s future updates.
  • Good looking FB, IG pages with some real likes and followers.
  • Nice domain name
  • Logos and other edit files that I made.
  • I also ordered 2 gigs from fiverr to make me a ad videos for this printer + a story video and a logo animation. I paid $35 for those and they are great for future ad campaigns. I will add those as well.